Part 3: Tony’s Book

Tony is reading a very interesting book. However, he cannot seem to concentrate. This is bothering him because he is enjoying the book, much more than the thoughts that will not leave his head, but he does not have the will power to clear his mind and continue reading. As always when he has thoughts, whether they are pleasant or unpleasant, he thinks of his girlfriend Jill. He remembers the time the two of them went on vacation in California. He remembers how beautiful she looked while she drank her wine, and her hand subconsciously played with her silver dangling earring. Their relationship was different then , though how it was different he can’t seem to figure out.

Jill had gone to visit her cousin that day, and later she would go for a run in the park. Jill’s best friend Cassie had gone on a horrible date last night. Well it was probably horrible because recently all of Cassie’s dates were horrible. Cassie will be calling Jill today to tell her about this date, and Tony is glad Jill will be out of the house when she gets that call. It’s not that Tony does not like Cassie; he does; he thinks she a barrel of fun even of she is a bit flaky. It’s just he’s does not want to hear Jill tell Cassie how all men are morons. It bothers him. He knows Jill is not referring to him; he knows she is just saying this to make Cassie feel better, but it still bothers him. Why it bothers him he cannot figure out.

On days like these he wishes he was not an introvert. He desperately wants to get back to his book, but he can’t quiet the thoughts that are in his head. He thinks of Jill again, and of their relationship. He is happy with Jill, but; no there is no but; he is happy with Jill. However something has changed since that trip to California, and he wishes he could figure it out, because he wants to get back to his book.

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