Part 5: Mark’s Beer

Mark is drinking his beer. Dave had brought over the beer, and now the two of them are drinking it while watching trash on TV. “Do you think your brother will marry Jill,” Dave asks.

“Don’t know, Don’t care.”

“They have been together a long time right?”

“7 years.”

“Why haven’t they tied the knot yet?”

“Don’t know, Don’t care.”

Dave is very annoying, but Dave did bring the beer. Mark could have bought his own beer, but drinking alone on a Saturday evening is even more depressing than drinking with Dave on a Saturday evening. “I can’t believe you and Liz broke up, if you can’t make it who can,” Dave asks, although it more of a statement than a question.”Do you think you might patch things up?” Mark cringes every time he hears the name of his soon to be ex wife. He wishes they were divorced already, so people would realize that their relationship is un-fixable, would stop asking him if they would get back together. He ignores Dave’s question and instead says “What I don’t understand is why people get married when they know there is a 50% divorce rate. I mean if there was a 50% airplane falling rate or a 50% car crash rate, nobody would fly or drive anywhere. But people still get married.”

Dave does not reply to this, but instead gets up to open another beer. The phone rings. Mark picks up the phone, and he hears Liz’s vice on the other line. “Do you think I can come over tomorrow, “ she asks. “I have something to tell you.” The idea of spending Sunday with his soon to be ex wife is about as appealing as spending it with Satan, less appealing actually. However Mark replies “sure…”

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