Part 6: Cassie and Emily

Cassie is helping Emily, her pregnant friend and coworker, clean up after a baby shower. As Emily is throwing away diapers filled with melted chocolate, she says “I have the perfect man for you. He is a moderately successful artist.”

“Does that mean he no longer eats Ramen noodles and has moved on to Chef Boyardee?”

“I hear he even orders from Pizza Hut occasionally. But all kidding aside, I think he would be perfect for you. He’s smart, good-looking, and witty; what more do you need?”

Cassie wonders why Emily is so intent on setting her up. Ever since she hit her 5th month of pregnancy, Emily has taken a keen interest in Cassie’s love life. Perhaps Emily views her as a threat, or if not her than women like her. Perhaps Emily feels that if she can find a single woman a boyfriend, then karma would keep other single woman away from Emily’s husband. Perhaps Emily is only being a helpful friend. Either way, Cassie is not going to complain about having a potential date.

“Are you sure he is not gay, he is an artist after all,” she asks Emily.

“Nah, you’re thinking of ballet dancers. He’s a painter, and painters aren’t gay”

“I thought teachers weren’t supposed to be stereotypical?”

“That’s only if they are within earshot of students.”

Both women laugh at this. Cassie finds it strange that she can have such a good time with a friend who is 7 years older. Before she started working, all her friends were within a two-year age difference from her. All of the sudden the there is a sound of jingling keys, and the front door of the house opens. Emily’s husband walks into the house.

“Hi Scott,” Emily says.

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