Part 8: Jill’s Decision

Jill and Scott are eating lunch on a Tuesday afternoon. Scott says “Do you know what I would love to do with you?”

“What?” Jill asks.

“I would love to watch a movie with you.”

“We can do that. Let’s go to the theater this Saturday.”

“I don’t want to be surrounded by people when I watch a movie with you. All those annoying children and obsessive texters bother me. I was thinking about renting a hotel room. It will be very innocent, I promise.”

“I don’t think a hotel room is a good idea. We’ll be alone and there will be a bed…”

“Have I not been a perfect gentleman with you this whole time?”


“Well I promise I will continue being a perfect gentleman. We’ll just watch a movie, nothing else. So what do you say?”

Jill takes a huge bite out of her sandwich, and she chews very slowly so that she can avoid answering the question for a few minutes. Jill has been deluding herself that her relationship with Scott is harmless, but she is not delusional enough to believe that nothing harmful will happen if she is alone with Scott in a hotel room. She wants to take her relationship with Scott to the next level, but she is not sure if she is ready to take the plunge. Jill knows that her and Scott have not done anything wrong yet, but if she says yes to Scott’s request, she will officially become a cheater. She looks at Scott’s twinkling eyes and muscular arms, and she imagines how Tony’s face will look if he finds out she is sleeping with someone else. She finishes chewing the last piece of food in her mouth, and replies “I don’t know. Let me think about it.”

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