Part 14: Cassie Gets a Phone Call

Cassie and Max have gone out on four dates, and Cassie is extremely happy with they way things are going. On their second date, Max bought Cassie ten different types of chocolate candy. “I was not sure which one was your favorite,” he explained. On their third date, Max bought Cassie a bouquet of red roses (her favorite flower). She accidentally dropped the vase they came in, and not only did Max help her clean up the mess, he also took her to a flower store after dinner, and bought her a new vase. On the fourth date, Max gave her personalized painting. It was a painting of a rabbit that looked like Cassie, and the rabbit was wearing a Prado dress while sipping a white russian. Cassie decided that if she ever chose to believe in reincarnation, she wanted to come back as a rabbit in her next life.

Cassie is very happy about Max, and when her phone rings after their fourth date, she assumes it’s him. She picks up the phone, her smile ready, and she does not even check the caller id.“Hi Cassie,” says a familiar, a familiar voice that does not belong to Max.

“Joe!” Cassie exclaims.

“I’ve been thinking about you Cassie.”

“Well that’s a first.”

“You were right; it was a mistake for us to break up.”

Cassie does not say anything. Joe is the one who got away. Well actually Joe is the one who pushed her away, and than sent her a box of her stuff. Cassie takes a big gulp of air, and says “What do you want Joe?”

“I want us to get back together.”


“I guess I realized the price of water once the well went dry. We were perfect together, completely in sync.”

“It’s too late, I’m dating some one else.” It feels good to say that, Cassie thinks. Her feelings for Max become a lot stronger.

“You could not have dated this guy that long. We had three wonderful years together. Do you really want to throw away a three-year investment?”

“I said the same thing when we broke up, and you did not have any trouble throwing three years away.”

“I already said you were right. I made a mistake, one that I hope I can fix. Let’s at least have lunch. I know a great place. Will you have lunch with me?”

Cassie nods her head, but then she realizes Joe can’t see her, so she says, “Okay, let’s have lunch.”

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