Part 16: Jill Does Not Buy Oranges

“Life changing events happen when you’re buying oranges,” is what Jill’s mother always said. This was true in the case of Jill’s mother, because when she met Jill’s father and later when she went into labor with Jill, she was buying oranges. However, Jill has yet to experience a life changing event while she is orange shopping. One time, when she was at the fruit market, she lost her driver license, but Jill does not think this qualifies for a life changing event, just an annoying one.

Jill is at the supermarket, putting oranges inside a plastic bag, when the phone rings. After she puts the oranges in her cart, she checks the phone, and finds out it was Mark who called her. She’s surprised because her and Mark don’t have a relationship outside of Tony. Sure she enjoys Mark’s company, the way one enjoys the company of a bitter sarcastic guy in an elevator, but one does not want to fraternize with the guy once the elevator ride ends. The only time Mark calls her is on her birthday, and since her birthday is six months away, she is shocked by his call. All of the sudden a terrible fear passes through her, because she thinks of another reason Mark might call her. She abandons her shopping cart and goes outside to call Tony.

“What’s up,” Tony says when he answers the phone.

“Where are you?”

“At home, are you checking up on me?” Tony asks playfully.

“You’re okay?”

“Why wouldn’t I be?”

“I saw a missed call from Mark. I was worried that something might have happened to you.”

“Mark called you, that’s strange, it’s not your birthday. I wonder what he wanted.”

“I wasn’t able to pick up because I was putting oranges in a bag.”

Tony laughs, “you were shopping for oranges. I suppose I should feel flattered that you think my death is a life changing event.”

“Of course I think it would be a life changing event. However, let me call you back after I finish shopping.”


After Jill hangs up the phone, she realizes how much she loves the fact that Tony knows all of her stories. She’s grateful that he understands her thought process, and that she does not have to explain things to him. Although she enjoys telling Scott stories about her life, sometimes its nice to be around a person with whom she can have conversations that are made of short sentences. For the first time, since Cassie told her about the engagement, she is happy that Tony is going to propose.

After she finishes her shopping and loads the groceries in the car (she did not buy the oranges), she decides to call Mark back. Mark picks up the phone, and without even saying hello, he blurts out, “I know you’re having an affair.”

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