Part 18: Tony Buys Soda

Tony has a strong craving for soda while he is at work. The vending machine in his company is broken, a fact Tony found out the day before, when the machine took his dollar, and refused to give Tony a soda even after he kicked it twice. Tony decides to give into his craving, and to go across the street to buy some soda from the corner store.

While Tony is standing in line to pay for his drink, he begins to think of the different ways he can propose to Jill. He would prefer to do it without any big gestures; perhaps he could present the ring to her in bed on a Thursday night. He knows better than to give her the ring in the morning, because Jill is so irritable before the sun comes up, she might refuse to marry him. However, he does not want to rob Jill of a romantic memory, so he thinks that maybe he should propose to her on the beach. They can have a picnic in the early evening, and when the sun starts setting on the other side of the ocean, he could present her with the ring. Tony decides he needs to propose as soon as the sun starts setting, so that there will be enough light to make the diamond sparkle.

Tony is so busy thinking about his proposal, that he doesn’t notice it’s his turn at the cash register. He is about to pay for his drink, when he notices a credit card lying on the counter, and a man walking out of the store. “Hey” he yells towards the man, but the man does not hear him, and he walks out of the store. Tony takes the card, glances at the name on the card, and walking out of the store (he left his drink on the counter), calls the man by name.

The man turns around, and seeing Tony’s outstretched hand holding a credit card, starts thanking Tony profusely.

“Thank you so much. I was about to have lunch with a very important person, and it would have been quite embarrassing if I did not have my card.”

“It was nothing,” Tony replies.

“It’s moments like these that give me hope for humanity,” the man says, as he waves goodbye.

“Bye Scott,” Tony says, because that was the name he saw on the card, and he walks back to the store to buy his soda.

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