Part 26: Tony Prepares to Confront Jill

Tony is pacing back and forth in his apartment. He stops every five minutes, glances at the phone with irritation, and wonders why Mark is not calling him back. Then he remembers how much his brother hates unpleasant conversations, and he continues to pace. Tony plans on confronting Jill about her infidelity as soon as she gets home, but Jill seems to have predicted this with her 6th sense, because she is over an hour late. Tony wonders if Jill is in the arms of her lover right now, and this makes Tony shudder. He remembers how much it hurt to get his wisdom teeth pulled, how he had thought that it was impossible to feel more pain, and he now understands why the nurse told him that it was it was possible to feel worse.

Tony knows exactly how his conversation with Jill will go. He knows what questions he will ask, and he has already decided that he will forgive her. What makes Tony an excellent computer programmer is that he plans all of life’s situations to the minute detail. However, this lack of spontaneity also makes him a boring boyfriend. Tony had planned many exciting dates for Jill, usually two weeks in advance; but he was never been the type of man who would come home from a long day of work, and decide to whisk his girlfriend to the beach, so that they can watch the sunset and pick seashells. He wonders if his incessant need to plan is what drove Jill into the arms of another man.

All of a sudden he has an awful thought. What if Jill does not want to be forgiven for her infidelity, but she has simply been waiting for the right time to tell him she wants to breakup. When Tony realized Jill was cheating, one of the first things he wondered about was whether he will break up with her for this. It took him less than two minutes to decide to stay with Jill; after all, Jill was the love of his life, and he could not imagine his life without her. However, now he is terrified that Jill can easily imagine a life without him. Especially while she is curled up in bed with  her lover. Tony starts to pace faster. He is grateful that the store he bought the engagement ring from has a money back guarantee. There is a jingle of keys outside, and the front door of the apartment begins to squeak. Before Jill can even get one foot inside their apartment, Tony says, “I know about the other man.”

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  1. Pesto Sauce says:

    Tony seems a realistic upright man who values companionship. However such folks inadvertently land up with thrill-seekers who easily throw tantrums if not given a constant flow of excitement

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