Part 34: Tony Thinks About Dating

Tony is ready to date. Actually, Mark thinks Tony is ready to date. “You need to get back on the saddle,” his brother tells him.

“It’s just like driving after a car accident. Sure it’s scary. Sure you’re covered in cold sweat, and your knees are shaking. But once you get in that car, get a feel for the steering wheel, turn the corner without dying, you realize that driving isn’t scary, and that it’s something you want to do on a daily basis.”

“I think your analogies are a bit mixed up. Am I a driver or a cowboy?”

“You’re a man that needs to go on a date. That’s what you are. You need to realize that not all women are out to hurt you.”

“You mean unless their names are Liz or Jill.”

Mark laughs and says, “well I have a great woman for you. Her name isn’t Liz or Jill, it’s Gloria. She’s perfect for you. She’s smart, pretty, and loves to talk about computers. What could be better?”

“If she ‘s so great, why don’t you date her.”

“I work with her, it’s always a bad idea to date your coworkers.”

“But having your brother date your coworkers is a genius idea?”

“More like an idiot savant idea. So what do you say, are you ready to try that horse again.”

‘You really need to decide if I’m a driver or a cowboy in your analogy,” Tony says with a sigh. “I’ll think about it.”

Tony  goes to his room, which is actually Mark’s guest room, and stares at the mirror. He sees the reflection of a young man, who has a good hair of head, and who he knows has the ability to be involved in witty date banter. His self-esteem, which had gotten bruised after Jill left, seems to have healed. However, he wonders if he wants to go on a date with a women who’s perfect for him.

Jill had been perfect for him. While his friends complained about their girlfriends, wishing they were hotter, smarter, funnier; Tony had never wanted Jill to change. She was the perfect combination of qualities that made him wake up in the morning and be glad that she was in the same bed as him. This perfect woman, who had chosen to share her life with him, had also broken his heart and forced him to live with his grumpy brother. A brother who could not even stick to one analogy when trying to convince him to date.

Tony sighs again, and decides to decline on the perfect date. His heart cannot handle another heartbreak. While on his way to the living room, to tell his brother that he does not want to go on a date with Gloria, he stops in the kitchen and pours himself some vodka.




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  1. Pesto Sauce says:

    Vodka he needs in plenty. Jill left him because she got bored of his dour personality and now jumping again in fire so soon, he will be wary

    It is better to be single and hope you were not than be in a relationship and hope you were single

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