Part 4: Jill’s flirtation


“Bye,” Jill yells at Scott as he runs towards the park exit. He stops running, looks at her as if he forgot something, and run towards her to give her a quick kiss on the mouth. “Bye again,” he says, and this time he runs without turning back.

Jill does not feel guilty about Scott. Why should she, they are not doing anything wrong. Yes Scott is married and his wife is pregnant, and yes Jill herself has lived with her boyfriend for two years, but all they are doing is meeting for lunch on Tuesdays and Saturdays to have harmless conversations. Yes, sometimes he kisses her on the mouth, but it’s the type of kiss you would give a drunken friend on new years. Jill does not feel she is doing anything wrong.

As she walks home, she starts imagining her next meeting with Scott. She wonders what he will say, what he will wear, if the tips of his fingers will caress her hand again. She used to be that excited about Tony, but that excitement had vanished somewhere. She wonders what went wrong with her relationship. Although nothing is actually wrong in her relationship. Jill gets along with Tony very well, they never fight, they have great sex, but the strong surge of emotion that convinced her to move in with him has dried out. She does not really care to figure out what happened because she would rather think of Scott. As she is walking home she sees a small cat attempting to eat a baby bird out of a tree, but the mother bird keeps hitting the cat with her beak. Jill laughs.

As she enters her apartment, she sees Tony lying on the couch and reading a book. “Hi,” he says.

“Hi, is the book any good ?”

“It’s pretty interesting.”


“How was the run, how was your cousin, anything interesting happen?”

“Not really.”

“Want to go out to eat?”

“Okay, but let me shower first.”

Jill walks into the bathroom and prepares to shower. She thinks of Scott, remembers the delicious cheese sandwiches he bought her near the park, and she decides that next time she see him she will tell him the cat and bird story.

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