Part 12: Jill Finds Out

Jill decides to tell Cassie about her impending affair. She does not want to confide in Cassie because Cassie has low morals; in fact out of all her friends, Cassie has the one of the highest moral compasses. Jill knows Cassie will be disappointed that she is considering cheating on her “paperless husband”, the term Cassie uses when she talks about Tony. However; Cassie is a strong believer in love, so strong that she feels nothing should stand in the way of love, not wedding rings or pregnancies. Jill hopes that Cassie will give her the green light she needs to start her affair.

So one afternoon over coffee, Jill tells Cassie all about Scott. She tells her everything about him and her relationship with him, everything but his name. When Jill finishes her story Cassie looks at her with a strange look on her face.

“You know this story makes me think of my pregnant coworker,” Cassie says. “And I am imagining how she would feel if her husband was considering cheating.”

“Aren’t you the one who always said that there are usually casualties in love and war?”

“If you truly love this guy, why don’t you break up with Tony? This guy can divorce his wife, and then the two of you can start a love filled relationship.”

“I’m not sure it is love, and I would not want to hurt Tony for no reason.”

“Well..,” Cassie begins, and then she smiles. “Why don’t you just wait a month before you start the affair. Keep contact with this guy at a minimum, and then if you still want him in a month, you can start sleeping with him.”

“Why a month?”

“Because,” Cassie begins, and then she blurts out “Tony bought an engagement ring yesterday. He’s going to propose.” A wave of guilt floods Jill. Not because she is considering cheating on a man who is about to propose to her, but because the thought of Tony proposing, makes her want to sleep with Scott even more.

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2 Responses to Part 12: Jill Finds Out

  1. Pesto Sauce says:

    Looking back the the story, this was the turning point. Jill embodies female desire (and complications) when she decides to sleep with another guy as she was not getting all she wanted from Tony, her original guy

  2. Goodbye Reality says:

    Jill was not sure she wanted Tony, and instead of thinking about her relationship like a mature adult, she decided to ignore her feeling and focus her energy on an affair.

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