Part 37: Mark’s Accident

Mark is taking a stroll outside. It is a beautiful day and he felt a need to leave the dark apartment and his annoying brother. Mark has always admired Tony’s ability to make rational decisions, but that ability seems to have evaporated lately. He had trouble listening to his brother, the one who had always given him such sound advice, say such rubbish when it came to his own life. Tony has been meeting with Jill every few days in the hopes that she would take him back.

When his brother told him about these meetings, Mark had reminded Tony about the advice he had given him when his marriage had fallen part. “Remember how you told me that even though I was not the one who initiated this divorce, that it was really a blessing in disguise. That Liz and I were making each other unhappy, and that we were still young enough and did not have any kids to allow this marriage to ruin our lives. Remember how you told me that I could start over with someone who I was happier with, someone I didn’t have screaming fights with every day. Remember how you asked me when was the last time you laughed, and when I couldn’t remember you said, ‘don’t you want to be married to someone where you could answer that question with the word yesterday.’ That was such good advice. So now I’m going to repeat it to you. Don’t get back together with Jill. It will end unhappily.”

Tony had told him to mind his own business. He mentioned something about being perfectly happy with Jill, and compared her affair to a tiny bump on the road of life. He would not listen to any of the good advice Mark gave him, good advice that he himself would have given a friend in a similar situation. When Mark had told him that Jill is just using him as a rebound from the other guy, Tony said something so mean that Mark had stormed out, even though it was his apartment.

Mark knows that as soon as he comes home, Tony will apologize. He will apologize also, and the two of them will watch something silly on TV while drinking beers and eating bad tasting TV dinners. However, Mark isn’t ready to apologize just yet, and as his pacing gets faster and faster, he wonders if what his brother said was true. If the reason he is so against Tony getting back together with Jill is because Liz wants nothing to do with him. As he ponders this thought, a car swerves near him and knocks him over. Everything goes dark.


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2 Responses to Part 37: Mark’s Accident

  1. Pesto Sauce says:

    Ewww….twist in tale. But don’t take it the other way now (Mark in hospital, Tony doing everything to please him, Jill acting as hindrance between brothers…..)

    • Goodbye Reality says:

      Nah, I’m not going to torture Mark. The worst that will happen is he might get a broken bone. This accident will have an emotional effect on Mark, not a physical one.

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